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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

That’s right …over 1,000 Internet marketers (gurus and newbies and everyone in between) decided that something had to be done!! We were living in the dark ages when it came to getting user-based feedback and information about the hundreds of Internet marketing products available online. With more coming out every day who could possibly keep up? Buying this, buying that… many times wasting our hard-earned money based on sales pitches that failed to live up to promises.

We were all asking the same question: “Why isn’t there someplace we could go to get reviews of Internet marketing products by those who have actually purchased and used them?

“…Now there is a place you can go, a safe place.”

Over 1,000 Associate Editors and real people, just like you, review and rate Internet marketing services and products they’ve purchased and used. Products being reviewed by real users, like you, fall into many categories such as:

  • Courses and Seminars
  • Software Products (Desktop and Server Side)
  • Membership Sites
  • Ebooks
  • Free Resources
  • MLM/Network Marketing
  • 3rd Party Payment Processors
  • Automation Tools
  • Forums and Discussion Boards
  • Hosting Services
  • and much more…

And you can rate the person actually doing the review to keep them honest. Users also can ‘report’ reviews they feel are in bad taste or full of you know what so they get deleted fast…

And if you don’t see a product listed that you’d like to review or be reviewed, you can always “suggest” a product using the easy to find links inside the site…

In addition, since we are striving to be the most objective source on the Internet for real user ratings on Internet marketing products and services we decided to make RatingsHub an AD-FREE website. So there are…

  • … NO AdSense™ ads,
  • … NO Yahoo!™ ads,
  • … NO MSN™ ads,
  • … NO Affiliate Links (in reviews or on the site),
  • … NO In-Your-Face Marketing Gimmicks or Tricks,
  • … NO Upsells, No One Time Offer’s (OTO) and Nothing to Buy,
  • … NO Ads Period.

And it’s 100% totally free to join.

Finally, a safe harbour for all Internet marketers (newbies and experienced alike) to get together and review what they have bought based on their own personal experience with the product.

“RatingsHub is a site that gives you real user experiences that helps you make critical decisions about which Internet marketing products live up to their promises and which don’t BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money…

… it’s as simple as that.”

We set this site up as a totally free service to the IM community.

Our free RatingsHub Internet Marketing Review newsletter (which you can un-subscribe from at any time) gives you updates about the hottest new products being rated on the site as well as ‘inside’ information on really excellent products that you will never see anywhere else as well as tips and advice that will help you make more money online! With over 1,000 Associate Editors, there isn’t much we have not seen online and we share all the insider details of how to manage, grow and profit from your online business and in ways you probably have never seen before!

There just isn’t a better way for you to research products and services — BEFORE — making a purchase, than RatingsHub. Period. It’s the one site you’ll bookmark, come back to and probably want to make your browsers home page… it’s that valuable.

And with a subscription to our free newsletter by email, Ratingshub Review, you’ll always have the same ‘inside’ information that only Internet marketing insiders were privileged to, until now…

To access all the benefits of this remarkable Internet marketing resource, just sign-up for our free newsletter RatingsHub Review, then you’ll be given access to the RatingsHub Review site where you can start reading reviews and find out which products deliver on their promises and which one’s don’t. It’s that easy.

“Don’t stay in the dark, get the facts before you spend your hard-earned money on another Internet marketing product.”

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