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A key challenge that many businesses face is having an effective and simple way of connecting their finance with sales. Often businesses will invest in CRM’s such as Salesforce and ERP cloud platforms such as NetSuite, without leveraging them to their full potential. 

Being able to integrate NetSuite with Salesforce would enable businesses’ to improve their lead to cash process, accelerate cash flow, and eliminate the need for tedious manual entries. 

Whilst the benefits are of significant value, integrating Netsuite with Salesforce is so much more than just data syncs and bringing two systems together. It’s about bridging the gap between business operations and empowering teams to work smarter. 

Increase Financial Power 

Breadwinner’s intuitive software enables Salesforce to become an ERP. Teams can gain access to accounts receivable and accounts payable data in salesforce, which creates a powerful two-way integration for a business’s financial data. 

Save Staff Time  

By providing quick access to information and eliminating the need to double data entry, organizations can save hours each week of staff time, through key features such as address syncing and product import. 

Make Informed decisions

Businesses gain a deeper insight into their financial data by using Salesforce, driving them to make data-driven decisions. More importantly, decision-makers can act confidently with a holistic overview of a customer’s account. 

Stand Out from Customers 

There are a plethora of competitors on the market that are offering integrations between NetSuite and Salesforce. 

Some Cloud-based connectors, for example, can be time-consuming and require a significant up-front investment. Businesses have to factor in additional subscription costs and maintenance. With Breadwinner, these drawbacks are a thing of the past. 

To build a connection between Salesforce and NetSuite using APIs and a web service, businesses need to consider a few things.

One example of things to be considered is the need to invest heavily in building and testing a web service integration. Companies are responsible for ongoing maintenance and allocating knowledgeable resources that are capable of covering all of these areas while protecting their financial data. But Breadwinner makes the integration between Salesforce and NetSuite hassle-free. 

The complexities of solutions offered by competitors often take extensive time to set up, and most businesses are looking for the least amount of downtime possible. Working with Breadwinner means that the Salesforce and NetSuite integration will not stretch out for months on end.

Get Up and Running Fast

Getting up and running with Breadwinner is super easy, with minimal configuration and zero custom mapping, businesses can begin reaping the rewards of the integration within a matter of hours. 

Who Else Can Help? 

Need to streamline other areas of your business with Salesforce? Breadwinner can recommend the following companies that specialize in the following Salesforce products:

Nymble: Google AdWords and Salesforce

Precursive: Customer Onboarding in Salesforce

Aprika: PSA in Salesforce

Distribution Engine: Round Robin lead distribution in Salesforce

These integrations allow companies to cohesively streamline critical business operations and provide a holistic overview for teams to connect the dots. 

This just scratches the surface of the benefits of working with Breadwinner for NetSuite and Salesforce integration. To learn more, book a demo today.

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Breadwinner offers simple NetSuite and Salesforce Integration that streamlines critical accounting and CRM business processes.