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The BMI Method

Here’s the deal…

If you’re like most of us, you don’t have an unlimited amount of time or plenty of hard cash to invest, so writing a 50-400 page e-book and marketing it just isn’t for you.

E-books are OK, but most people don’t have the motivation or the time to get a book finished let alone get it online and sell it. 

That’s why you need a system that enables you to get things done quickly using just a couple of hours a day of your spare time.

That’s why you need to know what the smart web marketers know…

There’s a way of putting a product together in a few hours flat, then roll it out using a simple sales system and profit from it quickly.

Here’s what you don’t need and won’t be doing when you follow this amazing blueprint…

1) You won’t be writing an e-book. That takes far too long. Most people start writing a book with the best intention and after four weeks have only got half way through writing and lose interest.

2) You won’t be wasting money buying rights to products that either no one wants or that the market has been saturated with already.

3) You won’t need a ton of free content for your web site. Again that takes a massive amount of time. I’ll show you EXACTLY how to pull orders in without having to hook people in with dozens of free reports or books all of which would take you time to put together.

4) You don’t need to know how to design a web page. You’ll be given my incredible 15 minute system for creating a web page that will do the job more than nicely. 

5) You don’t even need an idea. You’ll be shown how to come up with a winning one even if you’ve currently not got a clue what to sell. 

6) You won’t need a bank account full of money to spend advertising and promoting your site.
Here’s the highly successful low-cost and no-cost ways to drive traffic to your site and pull in orders.

7) You won’t be wasting a fortune on merchant accounts. You’ll be shown exactly how to get all the services you’ll need without spending a dime.

8) You won’t have to waste hours submitting to search engines. Those things are flooded anyway and you’d either have to spend weeks trying to fight for a half-decent position and/or spend a fortune on some software to help you do it. With this power-system you’ll spend minimum time on that kind of thing, and instead use three killer steps to drive properly targeted traffic to your web site. 

9) You don’t need any experience in writing ads or creating a sales letter. This formula includes what you need to know to quickly craft all the sales tools you need and get your product on the market.

10) You won’t waste your time on products that nobody wants. This blueprint has one of the most diabolically clever market research systems built in. It runs itself and doesn’t tie up your valuable time! 

11) And just to put the skeptical minds at rest, it isn’t MLM, Networking or pyramid selling. It does not rely on spam mailing, posting ads to waste of time classified sites or FFA pages.


Introducing ‘Internet profits – the quick way’.

Unlike other books and courses that are being pitched on the Internet, this course is concise and easy to follow. All the filler and padding has been stripped away – that’s of no use to you anyway.

The end result is a simple to read, easy to understand and most importantly – easy to implement blueprint. A blueprint for guaranteed success.Here’s a partial list of what is revealed in this blueprint… 

What sells online and WHY. It seems hardly anyone fully understands this. But you will and that puts you in front.

How to source a product that you can buy for pennies and sell for big $$$ – this is included and fully explained for those who really won’t create a product of their own. I’ll show you how to sell product without taking inventory and eliminate all of the risk too.

How to create a killer digital product in record time. These are the products that bring huge profits and literally zero admin. Forget what you’ve been told about product creation before – this breaks the rules.

A lethally powerful market research system that’s built in to your own product creation. You’ll save hours of research time so you can focus on the important part – turning out profitable products.

How to quickly get hundreds of other peoples web sites working for you to sell your product. Anyone and his dog can start an affiliate program – but do you know the secret to starting a SUCCESSFUL one? The heads-up is right here.

How to get powerful testimonials from respected professionals in your field. Testimonials sell – here’s how to get them the easy way (and it’s not just making them up which would be illegal!)

Five kinds of products that are selling right now. What’s more – you can EASILY create one of these kinds of products, and FAST.

One product creation technique that is literally ‘point and click’. It’s really that easy.

How to quickly (almost instantly) become an expert in any field and gain massive credibility which only helps boost sales through the roof.

The simple and direct four step system that sells your product fully explained. You won’t be leaving your success to chance like you do with other methods, books and courses.

Five example sites that PROVE that this formula works. There’s nothing better than learning by example and these examples are nothing short of fantastic.

The fifteen minute web design lesson. Follow this and in 15 minutes you’ll be designing web pages that will get the job done. And if for some reason you don’t want to be bothered with site design – you can get the pages you’ll need designed for you for as little as $50

Not got the web design tools you need? No problem. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars buying software. I’ll show you how to get exactly what you need for FREE – No kidding.

Four design outlines fully explained and backed up with examples. Just pick the one that works for you and go for it.

How to build a ‘catch all’ system into your site. If a prospect doesn’t buy this system captures their e-mail address with their permission so you can reel them in later. This simple trick is persuasive and powerful.

 Exactly what you need to know to write words that sell. I’m not claiming this is a definitive work on copy writing, but it’s all you need to know to begin with, and it’ll get you creating persuasive sales copy that literally drives your prospect to submission so they HAVE to click the ‘Order Now’ button. 

Discover the secrets of creating headlines that grab your readers interest and make them take action.

A revised and expanded version of the ‘Magic Headline Creation System’. This fill in the blanks tool will have you crafting winning headlines with the minimum fuss. The headline is 90% of the ad. This system ensures you don’t blow it with a weak one.

Everything you need to know about getting set up to take credit cards with out paying application fees, set up fees or monthly charges. Forget what you’ve been told about merchant accounts, this is what you NEED to know.

Discover how to fully automate the sales, ordering and delivery of your product. You keep pulling in the money and fulfilling orders even when you’re relaxing on the beach or out with your friends playing golf. 

The real secrets to running your own affiliate program. Everyone tells you to run one – hardly anyone wants to show you the insider secrets to making sure it works with the minimum of effort. That is until now.

Forget expensive affiliate scripts, and all that admin. Here’s the no hassle, fully automatic way to have your own affiliate network.

How to get top performing affiliates to work for you and sell your product. A virtually guaranteed way of making sure they want to promote YOUR program. The top marketers know that there are some people who make a real killing selling other peoples products. Here’s how to identify the winners and get them selling for you.

Many top marketers use auto-responders to pull in the orders, but many of them are still missing out on eighty percent of the sales they could be making because they don’t know one dirty little secret. That secret is right here.

The only three methods you really need to drive traffic to your site. That’s right – just three! And among them you won’t find a mention of classified ad web sites, FFA pages or spam mailing. These are the three most powerful and fully legitimate marketing methods. Minimum time – maximum profit stuff.

How you’ll spend less than an hour a month bothering with search engines and still get a steady flow of traffic from them.

Everything you need is right here. 

I could go on.

But the bottom line is that EVERYTHING you need is right here.

Although the author has other products that cover things like copy writing and product creation in far more depth, you don’t need these to work this system and this product isn’t just a sales pitch for other stuff. 

Once you’ve made some serious money with the quick and easy techniques in this course you may well decide to grab my other products and develop your business further. That’s up to you.

Just understand that this is a complete system in it’s own right. You can take what’s given here, apply it and put money in the bank.

A damaging and staggering secret about this blueprint…

Now I’m going to let you in on one massive secret about this book. 

You probably already know 85 percent of what’s in here.

So why buy it?

Because although you could know 85% of what is covered here in one form or another, you also know a load of stuff that ISN’T covered here and that doesn’t work.

The best part about this system is that you won’t waste months on promotion techniques that don’t work or that take months to show even the smallest result.

This gets you on the fast-track. And that makes it worth several times the asking price. 

How this works for any level of experience from zero up.

Whether you have a ton of experience or none at all, this blueprint will work for you. To be brutally honest, the less you already know the better because you’ll not have any of those duff ideas in your head to begin with.

Some important legal points…

Now before you go getting all excited and hitting the ‘order’ button, there’s a few things that have to be made clear for legal reasons.

1) You can take this blueprint and use it, but you might not make a penny. This system works for me and for many other web-preneurs, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you, but there’s no absolute guarantee it will.

For all I know some of the people reading this letter have no common sense and couldn’t follow a simple set of instructions if their life depended on it. So obviously I can’t guarantee results.

All business involves risk. If you’re not prepared to risk the tiny amount necessary to get hold of this blueprint then you should not be in this or any other business. That’s what jobs are for.

2) There’s no promise that Joe Average is going to make anything using this system.

Quite honestly the average person fails at just about any business they try. But average is a state of mind. If you’re ready to go for it, and follow this system there is no reason for you to fail. 

This blueprint is NOT a ‘no brainer’, you need a brain, and you need to work. Don’t buy this, speed read it one time, promptly forget all about it and then email me in six months saying it didn’t work for you.

Here’s the price and why this blueprint won’t actually cost you a penny.

You’ll get access to a password protected web site where you can read the book. You can print it out too if you wish.

Originally this blueprint was going to sell for $67. And it’s easily worth that much to know how to create products super fast and sell them with simple one or two page web sites.

But too many beginners are scared of risking seventy bucks even if it is worth every penny. Heck, there are people who think the membership fee for the ‘Inner Room site’ is too high and that’s less than fifty bucks for a ton and a half of information and tools.

So here’s the authors unusual thinking behind this product… If the price is set so that it’s within reach of everyone there’s literally no risk. Those people will grab the system, use it, make money with it and then become lifetime customers.


That’s why you can get EVERYTHING I’ve told you about for the the crazy low price of just…



Two ways you’ll get back your $19.97 right away…

1) You only have to sell one or two copies of your own product using this system and it’s paid for itself right away. I’d be more than shocked if you followed this and didn’t sell anything.

2) You can sell access to this book to other people. And this isn’t an associate program that pays you 25 – 50%.


You get to keep 100% of the profits on EVERY copy you sell.